Self deleting text

The varied option to disappear the messages

It is not possible to take the help of the superheroes while the message is getting self-destructed. In this case, the main rescue is WhatsApp which helps in the process of the self destructive message. The main feature where the messages can be erased on their own and at the same time it may not be satisfying for the duration that can consume to start the process of self-destruction.

Way to make erase the message:

There is a varied process of erasing the messages automatically without any kind of interference from the user. once the user does the chat on their contact, they need to open an option of tap which is on the user name. This can be seen on the top of an option for chat.

The user can note the disappearing of the messages for which they need to tap on an option to turn it on or off. The user when they tap an option of go and on will go back to the main page of the chatting.

The user can notice the difference while they do chatting where they are going to have the clock for the same. This means that the user will not be able to disappear certain messages that are in the chat.

But it is not essential to be worried about these aspects as the previously varied messages that had been sent or even received all these messages will be staying permanently. This kind of feature can also possibly be used in the varied group of WhatsApp. But only the administrators of the group can turn it on or even off.

Most of the time people expect the messages to get self-destructed like in certain other apps related to messages. The app can be chosen between varied seconds like fifteen or thirty seconds or even a minute or one week or one hour.

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