How Can You Use Instagram For Influencer Marketing?

Instagram is a popular image and video sharing application which can be used as an effective marketing tool. If you want to increase your company’s brand awareness, gain social media followers, or create new leads of potential customers, considering using Instagram for influencer marketing. Here are ways to effectively use Instagram for influencer marketing.

Choose a niche

The first thing you need to decide is the Instagram account’s niche.  Prior to launching your Instagram account, you need to figure out the type of content that your followers will be attracted to and add some followers from Go Read.  Then, create your content to suit your followers’ preferences.

Target the right audience

Your target audience is the people who are likely to buy from you through Instagram.  Your target followers should be highly active social media users who have an interest in fashion, beauty, food, travel and entertainment. It’s also important that he or she should be a person who is interested in your product lines or service category.

For instance, if you are a fashion brand, enlist the help of fashion-conscious Instagramers with a decent follower base.  You can also target influencers who have a higher following among your target audience and have been involved in previous collaborations with you.  And finally, make sure that your influencers are reputable and trustworthy.

Select the right account to collaborate with


Select the Instagram accounts that will be most suitable for your business needs.  Ensure that the Instagram account with which you are collaborating has a solid follower base.  For example, if one of your target audience members is an Instagram user who has a huge following, you can choose to work with this influencer.

Collaborate with the right influencers

When choosing the right influencers, there are certain factors that you should consider first.  Keep in mind that your collaboration should be mutually beneficial to all parties involved.  At the same time, make sure that the Instagram account with which you are collaborating has a smaller follower base. The smaller follower base will ensure that less competition exists in terms of numbers of followers.  Also, make sure that your influencers are active on Instagram by socializing and using hashtags related to the content they upload.

Create consistent content for your collaboration

To create content for your collaboration, focus on building a consistent following within the selected niche.  Then, engage your influencer partner to create content specific to your brand.  Use hashtags related to your business and include links of your products in the captions of their posts.  Also, make sure that you promote the Instagram account with which you are collaborating on all necessary social media sites.

Promote the collaboration profile

To promote your collaboration profile, make sure that you prominently display the profile icon of both parties on all relevant social media sites.

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