Children Socks

How to choose best Invisible socks

With us, wearing barefoot shoes has more opponents than supporters. The topic should be approached from two sides: visual and hygienic. The first point is obvious – you either like the trend or you don’t. It is difficult to look for a reference to classic principles here, because according to them. Of course children socks, there are models of shoes at which the exposed ankle seems something obvious (e.g., sailing shoes, espadrilles, moccasins for drivers), there are also fashions to which one can have doubts (e.g., classic loafers) and there are also fashions that common sense orders to reject (all kinds of classic shoes).

Children Socks


The second thing I mentioned was hygiene. Many men categorically refuse to wear barefoot shoes because of hygiene and very rightly, because the human foot gives off large amounts of sweat. In the short term, it can cause skin irritation (including foot abrasions) and slip of the foot inside the shoe, and in the long run, it can cause odor, which is responsible for bacteria and fungi. Wearing footwear on bare feet means that virtually all of the sweat “produced” by the foot is absorbed by the lining and insole of the shoe, of course, if it is natural leather or canvas, because artificial leather, rubber or polyester finishes will not absorb sweat. It is worth considering when you decide to wear shoes with bare feet. And here Pair Pair full comes the topic of invisible socks that can reconcile the supporters of bare ankle and hygiene. Their use will make the interior longer fresh and the life of the entire shoe longer.

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