denim style

Basic guide to always get your clothes and accessories right every time

For all those who are guilty for not knowing how to dress, or that the “world” of fashion seems completely alien and do not decide to change or improve themselves, we have developed a series of tips to achieve greater elegance and a « know how to dress. Click here to know about denim style.

How to choose the right clothes

If you want to know how you are dressing, you will see it in the clothes you choose. Each occasion requires a different type of garment: if you are in a formal dinner, you will need formal garments.

Looking formal all day looks bad, and seeing you informal all day, too. Remember that extremes are never good, an intermediate style is never lacking in elegance.Visit this site to know about wrangler อ่านว่า.


You must choose a comfortable underwear. Also, that allows you to move easily and gives you confidence. It is usually easily overlooked and is a mistake. It should not only be thought for intimate moments of couple, but also in comfort.


The official rule regarding socks is that they should match the color of the pants, not the exact same tone, unless you are wearing black pants, in which case it is good that the socks are black. Socks with some design are very good, stripes or patterns of various colors. But it is important that the colors of the socks match the shoes and pants. White socks should be reserved for the gym. Now a video of how to wear short socks or mini socks.


Watches are the best accessory a man can wear. For this reason, it is good to invest in a good watch. If you have more than one watch, wear the appropriate watch for the occasion, black mesh if the belt and shoes are black, brown if they are, or silver for other colors.

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