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Skills at the intermediate level

The Elementary-Intermediate test is graded from levels 3 to eight and has intermediate skills in Chinese, with a working vocabulary of 2,000 to 5,000 characters and 400 to 2,000 hours of formal education. Those that pass levels 3 to five are deemed to possess basic competence to learn chinese language starting from low to high while passers at level 6 to eight have intermediate competence starting from low to high.

Learn Chinese Language

Getting Chinese Language Proficiency

The Advanced test is for those that have a vocabulary of quite 5,000 Chinese characters and over 3,000 hours of formal education. There are three grading levels within the test with those that pass Level Nine seen to possess advanced competence at the low level while Level Eleven passers have the very best level of proficiency. Those who have successfully been graded at Level Eleven additionally need to learn chinese language and may apply for jobs anywhere within the world for an edge that needs high Chinese language proficiency.

In addition, there are more specialized HSK tests just like the HSK for Young Learners for college kids below the age of fifteen also as Vocational tests like the HSK for Business, HSK for Secretaries. To Know more about HSK for Tourism visit our official website. Those who pass any of the vocational tests also are exempted from taking the specified Chinese courses and are qualified to use for jobs within the relevant sector that need high Chinese language proficiency. The HSK for Young Learners could also be used as an enrollment preference for youngsters who want to review it in China.

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