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Qualities of a Good Yoga Teacher

If you are thinking about starting your personal yoga journey, you should take the first step in the right manner by finding a perfect yoga teacher for yourself. However, not every yoga student considers this part important, hence the high rate of failure.

To make finding the perfect teacher easier for you, we have compiled a small list of the most important qualities of a good yoga teacher you should look for every time you start searching for one. You can find good teachers in institutes like Marianne Wells Yoga School.

Let’s start with the qualities you should look for.

Choose a Professional Instructor

In order to become a good teacher, your instructor must have proper yoga training, and relevant certification required for yoga teaching in your area. The instructor you choose must have over 200 hours of practical yoga teaching experience, and preferably much more than that. They should also have active yoga teaching classes as this will mean your instructor is up to date with all the latest yoga trends.

Many yoga schools will provide you with a test class free of cost before asking you to sign up with their teaching program. You should definitely take part in that class and see if your yoga teacher explains everything clearly or not.

Marianne Wells Yoga School The Teacher Should Have Love For Yoga

Just by looking at an instructor, you can tell that they really love yoga, and teaching others to perfect their yoga poses. These are the people who inspire others to start practicing yoga, and become perfect individuals.

A person who loves yoga won’t be able to help but tell you their personal yoga story when you first meet them. If you ever find a teacher like this, you should not let them go.

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