meeting rooms phuket

Meeting and conference in Phuket  

Phuket is a beautiful tourist destination and a mountainous island with thick and lush rainforests, pristine beaches. It has become a hub and a haven for tourism and as a meeting destination because of its beautiful scenery, rich culture and eco-adventures. There are various luxury hotels that have also been a good spot to hold a meeting or a conference in Phuket along the line of the beautiful beaches. There are dozens of attractions, restaurants and nature centers nearby as well.

meeting rooms phuket

Largest Convention Center

Visitors who arrive in Phuket, land at the Phuket International Airport. It is located on the north of the island and it serves as Thailand’s second busiest air platform. The largest convention center in the city is about 36 acres and has a great hall and many intimate meeting rooms phuket. It also has a banquet for special occasions.

There are many unique venues in Phuket which are group gathering spots which celebrate the island’s high culture and heritage. There is a Phuket Thai Village that welcomes all visitors to experience its dance shows, elephant rides, display of exotic orchids, and forest canopy walkways. Groups can tour Phuket’s largest and most visited Buddhist temples or see a spectacular view of Big Buddha’s sitting spot on the Nakkerd hills. There are many fine dining restaurants along the shores of the sea that serves modern Thai cuisine to make your trip a delightful experience for you and your group

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