Benefits of using a proxy

There are ways to bypass the web filters and using a proxy is one of them. So, the proxy is mostly used for this and to anonymously browse the internet. But most of the people who are on the internet think that uses of proxy are limited. But it is not. There are many advantages of proxy. If you come to know about the actual benefits of proxy, you will definitely get wondered. So, there are best browser experiences which proxy can bring to you. For more information, one can visit a proxysite.

How is proxy  useful for the professionals and students?

Most of the students and even employees use this proxy to bypass the web filters. But there are many other things which you can do with the proxy. Actually, there are other reasons for which proxy is invented and not only for bypassing the web filters. The main advantage of using a proxy is to make the user anonymous. Through proxy, it is possible to get connected to the server directly.

The server will get to know the users external IP. So, this is the piece of information it knows about the user. But this is not enough to get the complete certainty and identity of the user. But this is enough to understand the geographical location that is approximate. It will know about the cookies on the computer. But this can be deleted later. It will also know which is the browser that is used and the plugins which are installed. When a user visits a website, it will come to know the identity of the browser through the User Agent String. So it is easy to understand the OS version, browser version, and even browser extensions as well.

So, along with all these, it will also come to know about from where the user is coming in. So, it is not difficult for the server to get to know about things even though user block cookies, referrers in the browser, and UAs. This is because there will be other roots like programs which use HTTP. So, through these most of the information will get leaked. So, this is the reason we should make use of a proxy.

proxy browser

So, to go completely anonymous, the proxy can definitely help. When proxy sits between server and user computer, all the traffic will be passing via proxy and proxy has the capacity to alter everything.

The proxy can even replace the User Agent String with some other string which is completely meaningless. So, it can strip out referrers. It may accept all the cookies,but it will not allow it to the user. The proxy can block all these cookies together. When a proxy is between the server and user, it is the one which connects to the server and the user is not connected to the server directly. So, this is the reason user IP is not disclosed anywhere.

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