The movie “Limitless” starring Bradley Cooper has further elevated the popularity and influence of cognitive enhancing drugs. Although the movie was based purely on fiction, cognitive enhancing drugs have proven its effects to its users a long time ago and have been a regular drug supplement for those who want to achieve more of their brain’s capacity to analyze, process and become more creative in their respective fields and it has become a lifestyle for many young people who are mainly career oriented.

Many people want to try and maintain their intake of cognitive enhancing drugs particularly modafinil or Provigil because they believe it is non-addictive and has minor side effects that can be treated right away.  Modafinil is probably the most popular variety of cognitive enhancing drugs or nootropics because of its potency and effectiveness leaving someone who tries it becomes an “Einstein” for a couple of hours.

So on a serious note, modafinil sounds like a medicine right? So what particularly is modafinil and what is it made of and what is its primary purpose? Well, it was created in the mid-1960’s to medically help people with narcolepsy or severe sleeping disorders and other forms of sleeping disorders.

People who use this cognitive-enhancing drug often describes its euphoria as a type of motivational feeling to complete a task accurately and easily while they are able to think clearly about the things they want to do making it easier for them to finish their work, studies and even physical activities with ease.

However, modafinil is not available for a completely healthy person. You should be first diagnosed with any of the mentioned sleeping disorders above and get a prescription from a doctor specializing this illness but good news, if you are looking for modafinil buy online.

Online pharmaceutical companies who illegally sell this can ship modafinil supplement in a form of a 100-milligram or 200-milligram good for a 90-day use available from online sellers such as modadropship.

In order to obtain modafinil without getting caught, it is just as simple as ordering something online, you are just like shopping something online and just have to wait for the prescribed days of shipping.

Despite its positive reviews and testimonials from its avid patrons, modafinil still has several side effects if not used properly. Its most common side effects include a headache and nausea while others get insomnia, anxiety, nervousness hypertension, heart palpitations, weight loss and loss of appetite. These kinds of symptoms are the same as taking other forms of stimulants like amphetamine and caffeine no wonder many foods and drug authorities in different countries flagged this as a controlled substance.

People who already have a long-term usage of cognitive enhancing drugs can disrupt their natural sleeping patterns which are correlated to the effects of a person sniffing cocaine.

There are still cognitive enhancing supplements that are organic and natural but it takes a lot of amount of it to feel its full effect on the brain. Most over the counter nootropics that are considered legal by the authorities have lesser potency compared to modafinil and other cognitive enhancing drugs that are illegally sold to many individuals around the world.

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