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Premium Herb Grinders Are Invaluable Tools

A premium herb grinder is an essential tool needed in order to get the most out of your time spent vaping concentrates. A grinder, in the simplest of terms, takes dried herb and turns it into a fine powder so that it can be smoothly packed into a water pipe or rolled into a joint.

In order to turn dried herb into powder there are two basic types of premium herb grinders; one having a flat surface (a common triangle shaped grinder) and another having teeth like a blender or food processor. The teeth are usually on the bottom of the grinder, though some objects have teeth that are located on top. The choice between these two options is determined by personal preference.

Flat Surface Shaped

This type of grinder typically has three, four or six sides. The most common shape is a triangle, though circular and diamond shaped grinders are also popular. The flat surface grinder is the easiest to use. The amount of herb needed to produce the powder desired is simply scooped into the grinder and twisted. Some grinders have larger surfaces, making it easier to pack larger amounts of herb. The downside of this kind of grinder is that it cannot be used for grinding large amounts at once because it does not hold as much herb as teeth shaped grinders can hold.

This can become a problem if the user decides to make a large bowl or avoid packing the herb very tightly. Because there are no teeth, this kind of grinder does not grind as fast as other styles, so it takes longer to reach desired consistency. However, if the user is grinding for personal use and does not pack the herb very tightly, it is important to remember that it will take a few minutes longer than a grinder made with teeth.

Herb Grinder

Teeth Shaped

Toothed grinder typically have four or five sides. Two of these sides usually have teeth which dig into the product while other two sides are straight like a blender with flat surfaces. The amount of herb needed to produce the powder desired is simply scooped into the grinder and twisted. Like the flat surface grinder, this type of grinder can also be used to grind larger amounts at once. The teeth grinds faster than a flat surface grinder and can produce dust-like particles much faster than a flat surface grinder.

When Using a Grinder

Before using the grinder for the first time, it is important to know if the object is new or used. Practice cleaning and then replacing all parts of the grinder to remove any dust or dirt that may have gotten into all corners. For newer grinders this should be done before every use and will ensure that the grinder is clean and ready for use.

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