Norman Asch

Tips on wildlife photography

Becoming a wildlife photographer is something that can be achieved with lots of practice and learning tricks of the trade. Norman Asch is considered an expert when it comes to capturing wildlife in their natural settings. The following tips will help anyone looking to achieve some of the famous photographer’s skills.

Know the camera: Always know how to work a camera before going out to photograph wildlife. Practice on simple subjects, such as household pets. Learn what the camera is capable of doing before expecting it to produce amazing pictures.

Get eye to eye with the subject: When you look through the camera straight into the animal’s eyes there’s a better chance you’ll capture the true glory of that subject. But, be warned that you never want to make direct eye contact with the animal. It’s better to look somewhat in the distance and let the camera be your eyes.

Norman Asch

Catch the perfect light: Always take photos when the sun is coming up or going down. Not only is there a better chance that animals will be roaming during that time, but there will be less glare from the sun.

Pick the perfect backgrounds: Backgrounds in the wild are just as important as the animal. Pick locations that are pleasing to the eye. Make sure the animal and the background work as one.

Never shoot from behind: When taking pictures of wildlife always be in front of the subject. Learn where the animal is headed and get there first.

Becoming a wildlife photographer as a hobbyist or a professional takes time and patience to learn the craft. Animals in the wild are amazing creatures. When that perfect photo is captured it can be shared for many generations.

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