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How to stop your dog being aggressive?

Every dog owner has the question on how to stop their dog’s aggressive behavior. Dog aggression can be of many types. Depending on the type of aggression, it has to deal. First let us have a brief discussion on the types of dog aggression.

  • Territorial aggression – Defending for its space from intruders
  • Protective aggression – Protecting its own members from other animals or human
  • Possessive aggression – Protecting it’s belonging from taken by others and defending for its priority.
  • Fear aggression – When the dog is in scary situation
  • dog aggression training singaporeDefensive aggression – Similar to fear, when it has to defend it from intruders
  • Social aggression – When a dog is being alpha and if it feels that the position is about to be caught by others
  • Frustration aggression – This happens mostly during walking on streets and while watching ot other dogs on the street.
  • Pain-elicited aggression – It will be due to the pain that it faces and suffers
  • Predatory aggression – It is common when it has to act as a predator.
  • All these aggressive behaviors can be controlled. But when you are in a public spot, the situation should not make you awkward. So how could you stop your dog being aggressive? As the dog gets aggressive, it will not hear what you say to it. It cannot be controlled without proper training. There are many dog aggression training singapore helps with proper handling. If you have a dog that cannot be handled during its aggression period, then you can take it to the training. The training teaches your dog to be self mannered in public with many discipline activities. Every dog behavior can be handled by those professionals. Having a pet dog with aggressive nature is not easy to handle. They have to be trained to make it social.

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