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How to choose the best Mattress Material

You have to consider various essential things whenever you’re in the market to buy a mattress. The factors made to measure mattress quality include durability, flexibility, size, and material, the most important. For instance, the Futon mattress usually offers softness and durability. On the other hand, if the material is not of good quality, the futon may not be comfortable and durable.

Cotton only Futon mattress

The futon that is made of a pure cotton fill, without a foam, will be denser. This type of futon mattress can be highly firm. Actually, this closely resembles the Japanese futon that they usually lay on the ground. Most manufacturers typically are making a blend of foam and cotton instead of pure cotton.

Wool filled a futon mattress 

To find a fleece filled with futons is not easy, but it can offer something different to your futon mattress. The wool can offer its softness, and your futon mattress can become warmer, unlike cotton. Wool retains heat; therefore, you should consider buying a futon mattress filled with wool, mainly if you situated in a region where you rarely experience colds.

made to measure mattress

Polyester and Foam Futon

Polyester and form futons are durable than other types of futon. The polyester is usually used as the top layer at the high foam to make the futon mattress medium firm. But it depends on the thickness of the coat. Since there is no cotton used, the mattress can become softer for a person to sleep since they can only feel a foam layer.

Viscos futon material 

Viscos material is a kind of foam that thrice denser than regular foam. Other manufacturers usually use Viscos due to its softness nature but also offer more support on the body. Viscos material has a thermal nature that adjusts the temperature of the body.

Also, with its elasticity, it offers a futon a better adjustment to the weight of the body. Usually, essential things made to measure mattress quality is the layer on this foam. It can be added below the surface so that an individual who is sleeping or sitting on it experience the benefits of Viscos type of futon.

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