Expatriation-How It Works and what is the Concept?

Expatriation is synonymous with business and it is strategic for companies to succeed with the selection of the expatriate. Not only the technical knowledge of expatriates should be imported, but especially, their personal suitability measured by their intercultural competences and their motivation to be protagonists of the expatriation process matters a lot.

This helps them to become a true ambassador of the company in the destination country.

New expatriates can be nomadic and change their country after a few years in the country of destination exporting the company’s know-how and opening international markets or they can stay in the country of destination and be located.

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Some Important Question Related To Expatriate

The first decisions of a company to enter operations in a new country of destination need to find answers and solutions to the following questions.

  • Can unilaterally impose an expatriation on an employee?
  •  Is it mandatory to agree on an expatriation contract?
  • What minimum content should an expatriation contract have?
  • What applicable law can I apply to the expatriate?
  • What forum will be competent in case of controversy?
  • How can I efficiently anticipate a possible lawsuit when the expatriation ends?
  • When it is intended to end the employment relationship of an expatriate or an impatriate? What information obligations should I comply with the Authorities of the destination country?
  •  How will the migratory policy condition the displacement of my employees?
  • Can I maintain the Social Security regulations of the country of origin and displace the regulations of the destination country where the expatriate provides services?
  • What risks does the company have in the event of an accident at work in the country of destination? How can I optimize the tax obligations of the company that displaces and the expatriate?
  • What requirements do I need to meet to have work permits and legal residence of my expatriates?

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