Window Treatments: Everything You Need to Know

There are other practical benefits, to invest in several window treatments, such as increased light control and privacy, but for many of us, the first step is simply to understand what options are available before deciding on one or more. You have to know some difference between blinds, shades, and window curtains. Before your curtain purchase for your home try to do a research.

Read on for nearly all you need to know to get started with window coverings, from the most dependable styles to purchasing links to installation.

Getting Your Curtains Ready

Curtains or “drapes,” which are generally lined, pleated, and more formal not to mention more expensive give a more classic window curtains as well as an even larger potential to add height, colour, texture, and pattern.

Curtain panels are available in an infinite variety of designs and fabrics, ranging from linen to velvet and in every print imaginable. To hang them, first hang a curtain rod we recommend hanging it as close to the ceiling as possible to heighten the atmosphere of a room and then thread your panels onto it with curtain rings or grommets, if your curtains have them.

How long do they have to be hung before they barely kiss the floor? Choose it if you prefer a more neat look and are willing to clean them. You can choose short curtains that end just where the window ends, but those always look like they got a bad haircut. So, choose it off with your style.

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