Famous Professional Hard Floor Cleaning Services in Los Angeles

Thinking about hiring floor cleaning services for your resident or office space, but confused about who to hire, don’t worry, we have got you covered. We have prepared a list of companies that provide¬†professional hard floor cleaning services in Los Angeles. This list will help you choose the best and experienced floor cleaning service providers.

Let’s get started:

Clean Clear Services

They provide professional floor cleaners to ensure your floor is cleaned and polished professionally. Their cleaning process has a pre-treatment of both spills and stains removal from your floor. They use natural cleaning products during their cleaning services. They also offer floor and carpet cleaning at affordable prices.

Lifestyle Cleaning and Restoration

They offer cleaning disinfecting services for schools and commercial services. They mainly focus on clean and allergen floors. They have excellent customer service at affordable prices. They also offer a customer reward program to give them discounts and other advantages in their next service. They, too, use green products for cleansing.

De Leon Building Maintenance- Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services

They offer many commercial services and provide whole maintenance for your office and building. They provide services for cleaning and maintenance and also residential cleaning services. They have professional cleaners and offer satisfactory services to their clients.

Leo’s Holland Floor Maintenance

They have been serving for 50 years and have experience cleaning, sealing, polishing, waxing, and striping all tile floors. They provide cleaning services for wood floors and carpets. They use the best products and equipment to give quality services to their clients.


They provide innovative cleaning solutions for every client’s commercial and residential spaces. They have skilled professional cleaners to provide their customers with cleaned and disinfected floors. They have all the equipment, technologies, and techniques that will be best suited for your floors. They also use green products for cleaning.

We have provided the list of professional floor cleaning service providers. We hope it will help you hire a good cleaning service for your commercial or residential space. A cleaned and disinfected floor is good for your appearance and your health.

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