Fish at home: how to buy fresh fish online

What’s better than fresh fish? Let me be clear, by now the freezing techniques have reached optimal results, however the catch of the day always has an edge in terms of flavor and texture. Well, the pandemic and the explosion of online delivery services have also involved this sector, which was previously unthinkable where to buy fish in singapore.

Today there are many who buy fish online, and in this guide we want to give you some tips for choosing the best, as well as some reliable service names.

What are the advantages of fresh fish at home?

Like any self-respecting delivery service, the online fish market has multiple advantages:

  • A quick and intuitive interface through which to arrange the order
  • The convenience of having the product directly at home
  • The possibility of setting the most appropriate times for delivery

In addition to these points, common to any other online shopping service at home, the online fish sale allows many areas far from waterways (sea, lakes, and rivers) to access a type of product that is difficult to distribute in large-scale distribution. Local. Do you want fresh shellfish and live in the mountains? Now you can!

How to choose fish online?

Like any service, even the home fish shop must be carefully evaluated, before clicking the (virtual) shopping cart button. Here are some aspects to take into account in your purchase.


Where does the fish come from? Pay attention if the service is transparent in declaring the origin of the product (and any suppliers) and the date of fishing! Also check the possibility of receiving the fish already cleaned (also valid for mollusks).

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