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A professional CV always contains a professional summary

This section is my secret weapon. By adding a properly written professional summary, you significantly increase your chances. Why? Most candidates are not aware of one thing: Nobody reads your entire CV. I know. It’s sad, but it’s the truth. How to write a professional CV that will give you more job offers? The employer is looking for specific information. If he doesn’t find something that interests him within a few seconds, your resume Keyword –   will most likely be answered. And that’s why it’s worth using a professional summary.

IT guy resumes

A professional CV skillfully presents your achievements

Imagine you are looking for a sales representative who will help you increase your company’s sales. Most candidates will have sales experience, and everyone will write something like selling the company’s products, achieving sales goals”. You have already read dozens of such CVs, and suddenly, you see a candidate who writes: “I increased my sales by 47% in 6 months. Does the second sentence sound much more interesting? Don’t you want to invite this candidate for an interview to ask how he did it? Numerous successes, sales growth, creativity, acquiring many customers, conscientiousness there are meaningless and heavily abused slogans. If you really have something to be proud of, give details. How do you write a professional CV that will convince your employer to invite you for an interview? Post: Keyword – I cut costs by 20%;

  • I conducted over 200 hours of training;
  • I employed 30 people in 3 months;

If the only numbers in your biography are the phone number and date of birth, it’s time to change it! Nothing attracts attention like numbers, percentages, and other specific data.

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