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What Type Of Packages Will You Get From A Handyman Service?

Nowadays, handyman services require in our life at every step. Not only that, a perfect handyman can do the best repair and replacement job for you.

Handyman service provides a variety of packages that help you to restore your home like before. from simple upgradation to modification, your home in new will be done by a handyman services near me in Weaverville. They provided a few packages for your convenience, such as

  1. Half-Day Package
  • minor upgrades like room upgradation and power room refresh completed
  • Easy & Convenient Scheduling about 4 hours-
  • Licensed, bonded, and multi-skilled Craftsmen
  • Reduce your stress
  1. Full-Day Package : 
  • Perfect for simple home upgrades
  • Quality artistry and
  •  satisfaction guaranteed
  • Trained and multi-skilled Craftsmen
  1. Mount a TV Package:
  • Expert Installation & TV Mounting
  • The assemblage of mount (if needed)
  • Connect all cords and connections
  • For aesthetic purposes, Establish a U-Channel to conceal wiring.
  1. Organization and Shelving Package:
  • Professional installation guarantees quality results.
  • A variety of shelving options are available for any of your rooms.
  • They also help with pantries, closets, garages, and many more!
  1. Kitchen Fire Safety Package:
  • Installation of Fire Suppression System
  • Installation behind your running stove Stove Shut-off system
  • Mounting fire extinguisher
  • Cleaning up everything after the job done
  1. Pet Door Package:
  • Hale Pet Door
  • Heavy-duty aluminum frame
  • Heavy-duty vinyl flaps
  • Five-year warranty on every item, including flaps
  1. Accent Wall Package:
  • Professional Accent Wall Reclaimed Wood facility.
  • Satisfy Wall Preparation
  • Done Plank Layout
  • Craftsmanship will explicitly do around outlets or switches
  • Product delivered straight to your home.
  • Cleaning-up mess after the job.
  1. Smart Blinds Package:
  • Professional Installationprovide beauty to your home
  • Precise and detailed position around the edges and the outlets.
  • Lon demand control
  • Works on existing binds or install fresh bind
  • Sun tracking setting
  1. Outdoor Tune-Up Package:
  • Water wash your outdoor living space
  • Inspection of your current external property.
  • Repair loose boards and fix screws
  • Repair or replace loose handrails and fence
  •  set open steps and repair the outdoor gate
  1. Kitchen Backsplash Package:
  • Professional Installation with Accurate Measurements.
  • Precise and detailed job around the edges and the outlets.
  • Large selection of mosaic and wall tiles offered for your home styling
  • Their craftsman will take care of everything


Every handyman service will work on a materials pricing basis. They advise you to choose the right product for you and make your shopping list for your budget.

You need to call them and schedule your appointment according to your time. And they complete your offering job in your time with no complaints.

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