What arestubbs road apartments in Hong Kong famous for?

Hong Kong is a visual delight without any doubt. Every year tourists are attracted towards this Cantonese speaking capital to enjoy the beautiful places the country has in store for them. People from all over the world would want to stay here for at least once in their lifetime. The residential luxury and architecture are famous all over the globe. But, ever wondered why stubbs road apartments in the country are so popular?

  • Wealthiest neighborhood:

Stubbs road is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods that you can find in Hong Kong. It is a 2-way lane which runs between the peak and the Happy Valley. It is densely populated in the lower regions and the population decreases and greenery increases in the upper reaches. In the higher regions, you will find an architecture beauty designed by Frank Gehry, which is known to have the most expensive flats in the Asian continent. The flats take size of the entire floors each, with views of Victoria Harbor from their full-length balconies. Hong Kong island south apartments rent reach up to HK$106.9 million.  Additionally, the neighborhood is located next to Hong Kong’s busiest and most important neighborhoods.

  • Rich history:

Stubbs road’s history goes back to the earliest of the 20th century when the road was built to connect the most important parts of Hong Kong; namely the Peak to Wan chai.

Stubbs road got its name from the governor in charge R.E. Stubbs who served in the most turbulent time of unrest and labor strikes. The road soon became abode to extravagant mansions of some famous Chinese rulers in the renaissance age.

  • Architecture:

The architecture adopted by the modern architects for the Stubbs road apartments is very similar to ambience is creates. The grey and white colors chosen by the architects to give the backdrop a neutral color. The curvilinear styles chosen for the apartments are doing justice to Hong Kong’s skyline.

The Stubbs road is a must visit to experience some visual beauties around Hong Kong. This lane will speak for Hong Kong’s heritage and you would surely take unique encounters home.

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