employee recognition programs

The key to an effective workforce

The road to success goes through an effective workforce. Motivated employees significantly contribute to taking a business organization to a whole new level. Therefore it is important for employers, to engage, motivate and empower their employees. Creating an effective workforce requires a lot of effort, brainstorming and implementation. To help employers with all this, Rewardz brings together interactive mobile solutions and employee recognition programs that help you shape your workforce.

Redefining Employee Engagement in Singapore and Beyond

Since 2012, Rewardz has successfully empowered over 100,000 corporate employees through mobile solutions that integrate employee recognition programs and corporate wellness in and across Singapore. Using creative solutions like incentives and perks, our employee engagement programs ensure that employees are motivated and engaged to give our clients the workforce they need.

Our best in class employee recognition programs provide a two-way benefit to both employees and employers. With Customizable health challenges, transparent leaderboards, flexible rewards program and company-wide recognition employees are kept motivated to engage, empower and improve.

The all in one mobile solution provides users with an extensive reward marketplace to spend rewards earned through healthy wellness competitions and employee reward and recognition programs. Once incorporated, our employee engagement solutions leads to an increase in productivity and profits along with stronger communications, better staff loyalty and strengthened corporate values.

So what are you waiting for? Step up to build an effective workforce and engage, empower and improve your employees with Rewardz employee recognition programs and corporate wellness solutions.

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