serviced office rental

Rent the office space when need arises and save money

Real estate these days have gone crazy in terms of monetary values. It is difficult to find an affordable space for office rooms. At times like these one can go with the option of sharing the workspace which will save money to a great extent.

Various options

If you are looking for a serviced office singapore then there are office spaces which can be used when need arises. While some office spaces can be rented out on a permanent basis, there are other options available where an office space can be rented out on a daily or a weekly basis even. In case of a client meeting or a conference these spaces can be used. There are daily passes available which start at a mere forty five dollar range. This will give the access to the entire floor for one whole day. The reception desk can also be made use during these times.

serviced office rental

Business events

There are times when business events will be happening and you will need to provide a professional and classy place for that. In those cases these serviced office rental can be made use for all kinds of networking events too. Since there is business grade internet available one need not worry about connectivity issues. There is also housekeeping support provided to ensure a smooth flow of the event. Apart from this there are gourmet pantries available in order to ensure quality food accessibility to the clients as well as employees.

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