Pest Control Mechanisms For Protecting Household Items

Pest control is nothing but a process of controlling the pests that have serious and harmful impacts on humans. Eradication is the better way of controlling the pests, since it involves the complete prohibition of pests. The human beings need to take several preventive measures, in order to control the pests. We all know that mosquitoes are the major means of several diseases (especially fevers) in human beings. While coming to mosquito control, the two most effective ways include the usage of mosquito coils and bio control mechanisms. Such bio control mechanisms include the introduction of several predators, pathogens and parasites into the areas accumulated by mosquitoes. Another efficient way of reducing the mosquito population is the introduction of fungi species like Beauvoir bassiana and Metarhizium anisopliae. These species of fungi will be able to kill adult mosquitoes, thereby reducing its population.

A harmful insect type that comes under the category of parasites is the bedbug, which feeds on the blood of humans. This in turn, will harm the human body severely. Their most common type is the Cimex lectularius. Some other notable types include Cimex adjuncts, Cimex pilosellus, and Cimex pipistrelli and so on. The most adverse ill effects caused by bedbugs include allergies, psychological effects and skin rashes. Bites of these insects can be identified in the form of blisters in the human body. Frequent washing and cleaning can reduce and control these types of pests. Applying heat is also a best option to protect us from these harmful species.

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