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Myanmar maid Agency: Hiring in Singapore

A maid is a female domestic servant. Myanmar is a place full of maids. They are considered one of the fastest-growing groups of domestic helpers in Singapore. The number of myanmar maid agency in Singapore has increased significantly by over 50% over the past years.

Consequences of hiring a Myanmar maid in Singapore –

Many employers in Singapore are concerned with the language barrier they may have with prospective Myanmar maids. However, there is no longer a cause for concern. Most Myanmar maid agencies in Singapore, like “Homekeeper,” ensure that these maids undergo training in English proficiency in addition to their job training. While this ensures the maid’s capabilities, it also prevents communication breakdown between employers and employees.

The cost of hiring a Myanmar maid from a maid agency in Singapore is also significantly lesser than in other countries. Affordability is one of the pivotal consideration factors for employers in Singapore.

The process of Hiring a Myanmar maid in Singapore-

There are few procedures to be completed before hiring a Myanmar maid in Singapore as-

  • Specific documentation and application forms are to be filled out.
  • Part of the employer’s responsibility is to obtain a work permit from the ministry of manpower (MOM).
  • The helper needs to submit the helper’s passport details, the employer’s and household information, and written consent from the helper.

Other requirements include purchasing a security bond and medical and personal accident insurance policies for the helper, offering competitive rates, and comprehensive and fair coverage.

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