car loan Singapore

Get the loan, don’t loose the car!

                So you have a COE, and it’s about to expire soon and you need to renew it as soon as possible before it is deregistered and disposed of. But the thing is you don’t have the money for it. That’s why you can get a car loan in Singapore.

Where can you get one from?

Getting a loan for your COE is far better than getting a new car, and to get a loan the bets place would be Money Max leasing.  When you get a loan from them you don’t have to worry about the car prices in the market and can extend your ownership.

Why choose Money Max?

            If you want a car loan Singapore then this is the place to go, many people choose them because you can get fast approval, they assure you that you have a quick process when it comes to approving the loan. Also it is a hassle free experience, it is simple and puts no stress on the client when dealing with the finances. Plus they a trust listed company since 2013, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

How to get a loan?

            So you can either directly talk to them up front, or you can apply online from their site. Just go on and click the “apply now” button. Then you will be quickly approved and all you have to do is pay $300 a month and there you go you have your car.

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